Frankenmuth Corn Maze
5450 Weiss Road, Frankenmuth, MI
Phone: 989-652-8748
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Thank you to our generous Sponsors!  

We do business in Frankenmuth and the surrounding communities whenever we can.  Supporting local businesses keeps small communities viable. 

Thank you, Terry Henne!  Terry was at the maze Friday, Sept. 30 to do the Farm Report and interview students from St. Peter Lutheran School in Hemlock.  The kids and Terry were great visitors!

Lingle Equipment and Emil Rummel Insurance also visited and talked to Terry about the harvest this fall.  Thanks to our sponsors!
Thanks to the Frankenmuth Credit Union for  
creating coloring books for kids to enjoy!
Thanks to Gleaners Bavarian Arbor for manning the corn cannon, Saturday October 8 from 2-4pm.  Extra fun for everyone who visits today!
Thanks to Star of the West for helping us create and maintain a beautiful corn maze this year.  The trails are clear with just a nice mat of green underfoot for your stroll through the stalks!
Thanks to Saginaw County Farm Bureau for your support!  We have some great agricultural education stations in addition to the two interactive games.  Come learn about all the things that we use from cows!
Thanks to Michigan Dairy Farmers for fresh milk!  We are pleased to share our dairy farm tour with you Saturday and Sunday from    Noon-4PM on a hayride, weather permitting.